High Trails Outdoor Education Center

Role Playing at the HomesteadThe High Trails Outdoor Education Program is a residential outdoor education experience offered to schools and school districts.  Since its inception in 1967, the High Trails Outdoor Education Center has provided residential outdoor education experiences for over 100,000 students, high school counselors and teachers.

The program at High Trails is unique in many ways. Participating in an imaginative, role-playing curriculum, students study the natural environment to gain a greater Sense of the Earth. Students live together sharing dining hall duties, cabin cleanup, and group projects to achieve a Sense of Community. Responsibility, leadership, new skills, self-reliance, wholesome Sensory Awareness Hikefun, new friends, and love of simple enjoyment are the outcomes of an increased Sense of Self. All contribute to this valuable learning experience and help students achieve a greater Sense of Wonder about the highly interconnected and interdependent world in which they live.

Three-, four-, and five-day residential programs are offered.  For more information, visit www.htoec.org

high trails outdoor education center provides educational experiences in the outdoors in which children and adults will gain greater skills, knowledge, and understanding of the interrelationships of all living things, of working together as a team, and of growing positively as a person.

High Trails Outdoor Education Center Mission Statement