Connecting to the natural worldAll of the programs of Colorado Outdoor Education Center are held at our 6000 acre campus 35 miles west of Colorado Springs, CO, and each program is designed to provide participants with multiple opportunities to interact with the natural world.  Our open pine forest, wildflower meadows, and rocky bluffs create an unparalleled setting for experiencing the rich benefits of outdoor adventure.

We strive to build nurturing communities within each of our programs and teamwork skills are a focus.  Children and adults learn communication skills, leadership skills, tolerance, and the value of diversity while participating in the many activities offered at the Center.

Adult Programs at The Nature PlaceGuests at COEC benefit in many ways from unplugging from the frantic pace of contemporary life and reconnecting with themselves in ways that lead to personal growth and development.  A sense of wonder is renewed, creativity flourishes, and serenity can be achieved.