The mission of Colorado Outdoor Education Center is to develop the potential of individuals by providing extraordinary educational experiences in the natural world.

In this global community, "movements" and "trends" happen at lightning fast speeds. As outdoor professionals, we are constantly inundated with the "next big idea" which will help our clients become the most successful, self-aware yet selfless, wise yet fun, highly functioning, service-oriented, self-motivated, team-inspired, green-conscious, and happy individuals in society.

Time in the Natural World is EssentialWhat we have learned is that some of those "new theories" are "old camp hat" to us. Spending unstructured time in the natural world is critical, so building forts and pretending to be Explorers allows us to imagine and play.  People are losing the ability to have "authentic" relationships with others because of their dependence on technology, so we help them create friendships and live with a group of peers and supportive, caring staff in an (almost) technology-free community. Our version of "Going Green" is a movement which provides children and adults the opportunity to become stewards and advocates for the Earth's wild, backcountry places. Students are lacking the preparation and the perseverance needed to be successful in school because they haven't experienced hardship. Yet our campers have climbed many 14,000 foot mountains, logged miles and miles in the saddle, and truly understand the rewards that come from solid, sustained effort.

These experiences are real. These experiences are necessary. These experiences help children and adults define themselves within the turmoil of a busy world. They help our children become the adults we desperately hope they will be; and they help adults reclaim or rediscover their best selves.

Colorado Outdoor Education Center remains committed to developing our future generations by utilizing the most progressive, up-to-date research available, while continuing to recognize and teach the core values that have been creating happy, successful, and wise adults and children for the past sixty years.